"I definitely know that the Reiki and Accunect helped to shift something as I feel more grounded and not as anxious. The treatment was an amazing experience. Thank you so much!"

             - Lori Swenson, Summerland B.C.

"I love how amazing all my sore spots feel after Anitta works on me. Thanks to her special gift of Reike I'm healing 😊 It's so balancing and relaxing. I will always have this in my life now."

          -Dianne Hutton, Bon Accord, Alberta

"Anitta & Kelley are amazing!! The Reiki & Reflexology Duo is my favourite. It's a great way for me to unwind from my crazy schedule. I always feel so relaxed and recharged following my session! See you again soon"

                -Ashley McCully, Calgary, Alberta




"So I don't normally "rah rah" about what I have been up too. But today I do really need to put it out there. My friend, who I am very grateful for, Anitta Jensen worked her Reiki wonders and I feel amazing. It's been a week and I have no jaw pain( dull ache) I feel settled and calm, my sciatic nerve pain is pretty much not there anymore. It was the best thing I have done for me in a very long time. I would suggest anyone and everyone go see her and take the chance, you might actually love it, and if nothing else you will have a fantastic sleep that night! Anitta, you are an amazing person and such a positive light and I'm so grateful for you!"

                   -Stacey Collins, Bon Accord, Alberta

"Received the best gift ever !!! Anitta and Kelley are two amazing women who will help you relax, release and rejuvenate all in one fabulous session. Thank you ladies sending you hugs and blessings. Look forward to our next session."

                -Deborah-Ann Theodoses, Thorhild, Alberta

"As I journey towards my true self, I'm gracefully guided by ladies like Anitta to become more aware of what my body needs.

As Albert Einstein would say, "Matter is energy... light is energy... we are light beings".

             -Stacey Bonik, Morinville, Alberta

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