Anitta Jensen

A wife and mother to 3, I live on a cozy hobby farm in Sturgeon County. We share our space with 2 horses, 3 cats, 1 puppy and a  hinny. What is a Hinny you ask? Well its the offspring of a male horse (a stallion) and a female donkey (aJenny). He's the fiesty one in the family!
I started my journey towards health and wellness using  Reiki, and Crystals in 2015. I have always been drawn to helping people in many different capacities, and as luck(fate) would have it working with Reiki and Crystals felt like home. Serendipitywellness was born.
 My path to Reiki started out with a lot of curiosity and a little bit of skepticism. I couldn't ignore my pull to this energy healing anymore. So I began my path of learning (and healing)and I have never looked back! As I worked through the different levels of Reiki, my own body began healing. A knee injury that I had been dealing with for close to 4 years- that I was told required surgery to fix was dissipating, the pain I felt anytime I had to do stairs, get in and out of a car and so many other daily activities was fading away. In addition to my knee, there was my planter fasciitis which typically required me to wear running shoes with orthotics 24/7, well anyone that has dealt with this knows how painful this can be. Thankfully this was clearing too. This beautiful path not only encouraged healing on a physical level, but emotionally I was finding balance, feeling more love from within, and finding the strength and want to release old emotional patterns that no longer served me. The walk is not complete, it is a life-long journey, and the journey isn't always full of sunshine and unicorns- but oh, so worth every step!
 I am able to explore new things with less fear, less pain and full of gratitude.   I'm back to taking long walks, working out, Yoga (oh how I missed my Yoga) and so much more! 
Finding ways to tap into my innate healing capacities through Reiki, Crystals and meditation has  truly has changed my life on all levels emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

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