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Pendulum Play

Let's Play!
June 6 6-8pm

Healthy Solutions, St. Albert AB

Pendulum swinging is a fun way to exercise your intuition!

A pendulum is a symmetrical, weighted object that is hung from a single chain or cord, and is often a crystal. It’s also possible to use objects such as a favourite trinket, a bead, a metal ball or even a key. The pendulum is a very simple tool and one that lets the user tune in to their intuitive powers. The pendulum acts as a receiver and transmitter of information, and moves in different ways in response to questions.

Pendulum dowsing can be used in a variety of ways. In its most simple form, you can use it to answer questions or help in decision making. Pendulums can also be used for:

~Healing purposes and identifying allergies.
~To cleanse and dispel negativity in a room.
~To help you find lost objects or pets.

In this interactive workshop, we will learn all about pendulums & how to use them! Don't have a pendulum? Grab some string(or fishing line) and a washer or key & I will guide you through the rest:)

$38 to participate

I also have pendulums available for purchase.

Mala's & Meditation

NEW date TBA

Self investment - $125

Mala's are much more than beautiful necklaces to wear, they hold deep roots in history, and have been used as meditation tools by several cultures for many years!

Come explore the wonderful world of Mala's with me.

In this workshop you will be introduced to the world of Mala's, and includes:

* learning the history and traditions of the Mala
* Picking your crystal beads to build your Mala with Intention
* A guided meditation using your Mala
* A group Reiki healing session

Location: Riverside Acres Retreat Center, Vimy AB

Your Soul Knows

Connect to your Intuition

Are you ready?

~ to connect on a deeper level with your intuitive self?

~ to learn how to know when it’s your intuition speaking to you, rather than the thinking mind/ ego taking you on a story?

~ to learn ways to exercise that intuitive muscle, so you can feel more confident in your own awarenesses?

~ to experience your unique gifts in a way you never have before?

Topics we will cover:

~ The Aura

~ Energetic Hygiene

~ Energy practices to enhance that connection

~ Calling in extra help- Angels, Oracle cards, pendulums, muscle testing

~ Intuitive responsibilities.  Included in your registration is: Intuitive development workbook.

Join me for this interactive class. We will meet over 5 weeks. self- investment is $111 . Please bring a water bottle, journal & pen

New date TBA

Sacred Women's Day Retreat

New Date TBA

Riverside Acreas Retreat Vimy, AB

Soul investment - $212


Spend a day gathered together in sisterhood to celebrate the incredible path we have journeyed through as women.


This day is all about YOU.

Join us to celebrate your body for it's incredible resilience, strength and vitality, your spirit for it's unending love, warmth and intuition, and your mind for it's knowledge, wisdom and growth.


We will be honouring YOU as WOMEN in a variety of ways including:

~Sacred Binding & Releasing Ceremony

~ Healing Crystals

~Feminine Health

~ Guided Meditation

~ 2nd & 4th Chakra's and the holistic effects on our body ~Singing Bowl


~Nourishing Foods and more!

Coffee, tea, juice lunch and light snack included.


 "The conditions women's wombs also directly reflects the condition of women's mind, spirits, and actions. The womb is a storehouse of all our emotions"

 - Queen Afua 


We are keeping our group small, so early registration is recommended.

sacred retreat pc.jpg