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Here are a few precautions to consider: 

  • Water: Although it is recommended to use cold water to cleanse and clear some crystals, water can breakdown or tarnish metals and other embellishments your crystal jewelry may have. In order to ensure the quality of your crystal jewelry, avoid water.

  • Please be gentle. Your crystal jewelry is made to withstand regular, everyday wear, but any vigorous activity may lead to breakage or damage. Frequent stretching will weaken the thread overtime and could cause it to snap. If you have a Mala, it is not recommended to wear  when participating in any heavy physical activity like running, playing sports, etc. Please do wear your crystal jewelry during gentle yoga and meditation. 

  • Regularly cleanse your Crystal jewelry. Many gemstones  absorb negative energy, and it is important to clear and cleanse these often, to help restore the natural frequency of the crystal. There are many ways to do this: leave it in the moonlight overnight, letting it rest under a tree or in a potted plant, smudging it with sage or Palo santo, sound frequencies, and energy healing such as Reiki. 

  • The sun. Some of the lighter gemstones like Rose Quartz may fade if exposed to too much sunlight or fluorescent light. While there's nothing wrong with gemstones changing in the face of the elements, and the internal crystalline structure is not affected, they will loose their visual vibrancy.

  • Polish when necessary. Due to their exposure to air and natural oils (from your skin), the various metal elements on our gemstone jewelry may tarnish. To keep these elements of your pieces shiny, we recommend using a polishing cloth on a regular basis. 



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