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A day in the life of these Reiki hands.

(Originally written on: March 3rd, 2020)

I have a client due to arrive in 30 min. It's time to prepare. Today, I start with cleansing my own energy, releasing and clearing what is no longer needed, old, stagnant or negative. My preferred method is with dry-brushing or the Kenyoku method. I ask archangel Michael to surround me and protect me in a bubble of white light. Once I feel grounded, then it's time to clear the room. I use different methods, depending on what's calling to me at that time. For this session, I have chosen to use Sage and give Reiki to all 4 walls, the massage table and the door.

Ahhh, the room feels wonderful- now it's time for my meditation. My meditations vary from session to session, but one thing I always include is gratitude. I thank all the Reiki masters, past, present and future, as well as any guides that join us today. I ask that Reiki flow to (insert name) if it be for their higher good. I immediately feel love and light surrounding me and sense I will be guided in today's healing. Often insights as to what crystals, or other tools I should use come to mind- for this session, I am picking up on Smoky Quartz, Red Jasper and Onyx.

I feel good, the room feels good, crystals are in place. Im ready for my client.

My client has arrived and it's their first session. I love newbies:) I sense excitement, curiosity, and perhaps a smidge of nerves. After a quick chat, I feel a deeper understanding of reiki will help ease some apprehension. I explain we are all made up of energy, and that there's an energetic vibration to everything. When there is sickness and negative feelings for example, the vibration connected to that is very low and dull. There are many ways to raise your vibration- laughter, gratitude and meditation (to name a few)..and of course reiki…Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy, a very high vibration. Reiki helps to stimulate the body’s innate healing responses, triggering the relaxation response within- encouraging rest on all levels. When our body is encouraged to relax, it can start healing and balancing from the inside. As a Reiki practitioner, I am a facilitator for Reiki to flow - a channel. You are drawing Reiki through me, and you are healing yourself.

I get a look of surprise:)

I continue to explain that during a session, a variety of sensations may arise.

Some experience:

* A feeling of deep calm and peace, or falling asleep.

* Twitching

* Warmth or cold

* Tingling or pins and needles

* The stomach gurgling- digestion may activate

* Colours may appear, daydreaming or visions ……

Or, like with my hubby- you may feel nothing at all! ( He just knows it puts him right to sleep- fast!)

Just as we are all unique and different to one another, so is our experience. Reiki is doing the work, flowing and providing healing no matter what you are or are not feeling. Trust in Reiki’s unconditional love and wisdom.

A smile appears on my client as they gain deeper understanding of this energy healing modality.

I continue to explain a little bit about the crystals, and how I plan to use them in my session. Out of the corner of their eye, they spot my singing bowl. The Dolphin Essence singing bowl, or as I like to call her, my blue beauty;) The vibrations and frequencies of ‘F’ and ‘G’ notes singing will offer balancing to the throat and upper heart chakra’s, sending healing to communication, speaking from the heart, thymus, thyroid and any physical or emotional imbalances associated with that area. My client feels a connection to the singing bowl, and happily, I confirm I will be using it throughout the session.

I encourage them to find a comfortable position on the massage table, add any bolsters, pillows and eye pillow that is requested. It’s a bit chilly, so the heated table will be a welcome addition.

I guide them through an intuitive meditation to help the mind and body settle and soften. It doesn’t take long for them to drift off to sleep.

Throughout the session, I am guided by their energy on where to spend extra time, what intentions to invite in, and any insights that come up. I have my paper and pen close by, jotting everything down. I will go over the notes with them at the end.

Once the session is complete, I encourage them to take some time getting up. Feeling tired and groggy is quite normal. I like to tell people- think of Reiki as an energetic massage! I have a glass of cold water to offer, and encourage to keep hydrated- so anything that is detoxing and shifting is given that hydration needed. If possible that evening- have an epsom salt bath to help continue the process of flushing.

One of the most common side effects of Reiki is a really good nights sleep! For some that sleep comes immediately, the same night of the session, for others 2-3 nights later.

I go over any insights, or ‘noticings’ I like to call them;) and ask if there are any questions. They are excited to share the experience from their perspective and are happy( and a little surprised) at how relaxed and good they feel.

After doing countless sessions over the years, one of the things I have come to realize is the emotional and physical body is really good at gauging when someone is ready to release and let go for optimum results.

The benefits of Reiki are abundant. I wish you love, light and healing on your journey:)


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