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Not your typical Energy Healer.

(Originally Written on: October 2nd, 2017)

It may not be a common story, but it's mine. My hike into this wonderful, peaceful and exhilarating world began long before I even realized. If I had to pick a time frame somewhere in 2014-15. This hiking trip (yes I call it a hiking trip) as felt just like that, a hike! Don't get me wrong...I love hikes, I mean I really really love hikes. Sometimes it's more climbing than getting to enjoy that view...but wow when I get to that view, there's nothing in the world I would trade it for (even chocolate, haha)

Ok a little sidetracked, back to how I got started. As long as my adult life that I can remember, I have always believed we have the ability to improve our health with our thoughts, what we eat, do ...yadda,.. yadda...yadda..and I love my sessions with complimentary health practitioners, such as biofeedback therapy, body talk and so on..

Well, after about 3 years in sales, my mind was shot, my hair turning grey:( and my body was suffering badly... my hike was changing and I left the industry that provided our family with more vacations, dinners out and bigger Christmas gifts. No more targets to achieve( which I did...blew them outta the water at times..ahem), goals to fulfill or drives to fort Mac in back in 1 day . Let's just call that part of my hike Everest. Now I was on the path to recovery, oh sweet recovery...yes recovery, you see sales is like a drug, just like a fix for an addict. The money you make can give you a high that is so hard to walk away from..but I did.

With Everest behind me, my hike no longer consisted of constant peaks, and friggid turned into a valley with unknown creatures, cute fuzzy animals( no really...we became parents to the most adorable kittens) and the odd creek to cross. Yet my pack felt heavy, and with every fork in the path, came a new decision to make. Where was I going to work? How do we adjust financially? Trying to figure out where this hike will lead me next, amongst all the adulating: responsibilities, paying bills, running errands, kids, cleaning, cooking( oh that dreaded cooking..) I think I even contemplated finding work during supper hours to avoid cooking;) Haha..

Then there was the pain, oh the pain was unbearable at times. My knee was so bad the MRI tech said the cartilage under my knee cap looked like 'crab meat', only thing to do is manage and have a knee replacement. But guess what they don't give knee replacements to 34 year olds. Huh, go figure... It wasn't just my knee, I was suffering with planter fasciitis. At times it hurt so bad tears would roll down my eyes when my feet hit the floor first thing in the morning. I had to do something about my pain..but what? Where do I start?

Over the next few weeks, maybe months, Reiki kept 'popping up'. I mean, I kinda knew what it was( just don't ask me to explain it back then;)) I think I even remember having it a little with some of my body talk sessions, and it felt cool. Why not! I booked myself in with no expectations. Now, I can guess what your thinking..that Im going to say it was amazing, incredible, life changing and so on...Nope...It was good, I think?? might I even say Meh? Im serious! I think it went good, I felt relaxed( although my appointment was in the middle of the afternoon, and that's when I could usually go for a nap..LOL). I learned I need to have more fun( ya no kidding) and my Crown Chakra was really red...Hmmmm, ok. I thanked the lovely lady, payed for my session and went about my day...

That's when things got forward weeks maybe, every where I read..Reiki, people I talk to Reiki...Reiki just kept coming up..AGAIN ... ALL the time! I can't even remember how I came across it, but someone was offering a Level 1&2 Reiki practitioner training. Im always up for a weekend meeting new people and learning new things, so off I go!

Today, I am a Reiki Teacher/Master with virtually no pain in my knee and heel ( half the time I have no idea where my orthotics are, and I wore them daily .. HA!) I am even hiking again- Literally- But that's not all, I feel good, I mean really good:)

I may not be the typical energy healer, my struggles are real-just like yours. Whether its making the time for meditation, exercise, figuring out what to fix the crew for supper( do we really have to feed them everyday??) or keeping the mess to a minimum( please don't open my spare room). I am here to support, guide and help, and man I love my job!

What a hike- want to come with me? I have an extra pack;)

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