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Meditation Made Easy

New Dates TBA

Are you ready to say YES?!

~To having quality sleep, wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day?
~To reducing brain chatter throughout the day that leaves you feeling drained?
~To improving performance in ALL areas of your life?
~To unlocking you’re creative abilities?
~To alleviating stress, and overwhelm?
~To improving your memory & decreasing brain fog?
~To feeling happier and balanced with yourself and your loved ones?

As an intuitive Wellness Energizer I am passionate about helping people that are DONE feeling exhausted and stressed out to READY to reclaim the energy and excitement for life that is within.

This isn't just any old meditation class...

Meditation made easy will leave you with:

~ A clear understanding of the positive impact adding meditation into your routine will have in ALL areas of your life.
~ Simple techniques that you can start doing TODAY and benefit from immediately.
~ Feeling empowered that YOU, yes YOU can absolutely meditate properly.
~ Inspiration to propel you forward, and get EXCITED about starting on your meditation journey.

Plus! You will receive:
~ Meditation Made Easy Guidebook & Workbook
~ An abundance of resources to support your journey.

Self-Investment- $133

To register etransfer: serendipitywellnesscontact@gmail.comor purchase a ticket through Eventbrite, follow the link below

Registration is NON- REFUNDABLE- Please ensure you are able to commit, before signing up. 

Meditating | Serendipity Wellness | Canada

New dates TBA

This is an opportunity to explore different technique's & styles of meditation, to find which one's resonate with you!

Each week, I will briefly introduce the style of meditation we will be practicing, then we get right to the practice!

We will explore:
~ Simple awareness & focal technique's too connect you in with your emotional, physical, mental & spiritual self.

~ Using sound frequencies with the singing bowls & Swinging Chimes

~ Breathwork practices to help with Sleep, Stress, anxiety and More...

~ Yoga Nidra/ Body Scan practice to take the body into a deeper layer of relaxation.

~ Chakra Balancing meditation for health, vitality & emotional wellness.

**Please bring all needed props to offer yourself a comfortable container for your experience:
Yoga Mat, pillow(s), any yoga props such as bolsters, blocks etc, blanket, journal & Pen.
** Chairs will be available for those not wanting to sit or lie down on the floor.

Self care Investment is - $118 (includes GST) for all 5 weeks.
** Bonus for the first 6 that sign up receive a crystal.

Min. 6 registrations to run the class. Drop in option will be available if we get the min. registrations.

** Drop in option - $22

You can pay at the library, or EMT:
or by CC through Eventbrite

Registration is NON- REFUNDABLE- Please ensure you are able to commit, before signing up. 

Follow me on Insight Timer to listen to my guided meditations

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