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Postpartum Doula

Congratulations on the upcoming or recent birth of your baby! 

Postpartum Doula | Serendipity Wellness | Canada
I understand that birth and bringing your new bundle of joy home is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming experience. My doula services will provide you with knowledgeable and personalized care during one of life's most precious moments. Connect to discuss personalized support, just right for you! 

You have planned and prepared for when baby comes home, yet you still have questions, your tired, and wouldn't it be wonderful to have another set of hands?! Postpartum doulas are specialists in supporting families through the transition in to parenthood. Having the support of a doula can improve your postpartum experience by offering information on your newborn, help navigate change in routines, as well as emotional support.

Working closely with each family to design a schedule suited to your unique wishes and needs.  Having an extra set of hands to help with light housekeeping, running errands, assisting with newborn care, meal preparation, sibling care, breast/bottle feeding support can make all the difference. 

Ask me how Meditation and Reiki can assist with your postpartum recovery and care.

To find out more about our services please connect with us to  set up a consultation and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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