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Holding Space

Updated: May 15, 2020

I just finished meditating with Sodalite placed on my Third Eye Chakra in a warm inviting bath. Almost immediately the idea of holding space came to mind. All these images, memories and awarenesses circling around in my thoughts.

What does it mean to hold space? We hear that phrase so often…But what does it FEEL like? I am aware that the water is holding space for my tired body, the Sodalite is holding space for my thoughts and insights. It FEELS like a warm welcoming embrace both physically & emotionally. It FEELS like a long deep sigh at the end of a long day. It FEELS like this moment is completely for me.

My mind wanders to the days of playing ring-around-the-rosey. Each hand interlocked with the next, dancing in circles-each child holding space for the next. Holding space for fun, laughter, and friendship.

I am reminded of counselling sessions, women’s groups, and gathering of friends. This beautiful ‘holding’ of each-other's thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

Nurses tending to patients and comforting family members. As questions are answered, hugs given and wounds tended too, this constant holding of space offers empathy, compassion, love and grace.

Wherever you are, wherever you look space is being held.

When we “hold” something, we offer protection to a vulnerable moment.

What a precious gift - to hold space

When space is held there is opportunity for healing, to be heard, be forgiven, feel loved and know the feeling of worthiness.

When space is held, the flow of give and receive is honoured and nurtured. This dynamic energy is sent out into the universe for all to grasp hold of. Then the cycle begins again.

I am so grateful for all who have held space, who are holding space now and who will hold space in the future.

Hugs XXX Anitta

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