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Morning Musings- Singing with the birds

It’s 6:40am, and I'm sipping my coffee - sitting on my deck. The heat is already creeping in. My awareness is taken to the birds, their singing & chirping is echoing throughout the skies. The volume overwhelms all other sounds. I wonder what they are singing about? My eyes want to close to hone in deeper. So many different sounds, cawing, chirping, tweeting, and singing comes together into this grand symphony of music. I open my eyes briefly, the song is weakens, close my eyes and the song becomes refined, almost as if each ear is grasping a different note or key. My mind goes to counting- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 8 different songs from 8 different kinds of birds, yet the rhythm is so perfectly balanced, perfectly timed. One starting after another in delicate harmony. I feel fully embraced by the birds and their song. I am in awe as I sit here and breathe it all in, my curiosity steps in…

Why all the music? Is there a reason for it so early in the morning? Are they speaking to each-other, or perhaps the song is purely for themselves? I can’t help but smile and and just be grateful that I was able to catch this magnificent symphony so early in the morning.

View from my deck

The bird- specifically the blue bird came to me as a guide animal, years back when participating in a shamanic meditation. For me, it holds the energies of wisdom and knowledge being delivered in small messages. A carrier of truth. I am grateful for this morning, this reminder of the bird, their song, sound and being brought back to curiosity, being able to ‘see’ with a beginners mind. Thank you to all the winged creatures for your gifts.

With Gratitude, Anitta

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