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Reiki For Anything and Everyone.

You have been attuned to the omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient Reiki energy- now what?

Well, if your like me after I received my first attunement - your probably eager to to put your new gift to good use! I remember at one point wanting to Reiki everyone ( A friendly reminder here ~ always ask permission before sending Reiki to anyone:)) and everything that I came into contact with..LOL. After a few days, I realized this was not sustainable, because I was stopping to give Reiki to whatever popped up in my mind, or what my hands touched next…. I could have spent hours jumping from one thing to the next! Sorry kids- no supper tonight, mom was to busy giving Reiki to the world! HA!

Sooo…where do you start? With your home? your work? your food? your electronics?..ahhh! See where I am going here, it can be overwhelming to even just think about it. BUT it doesn’t have to be.

My first piece of advice is to let REIKI guide you. Start with a self-healing session, and ask! I typically Start with my invocation and then add from there. For eg. ’I ask all the Reiki masters and guides- past, present and future to be with me right now. I am open to receiving reiki healing if it be for my higher good. Please guide me to the people, places and/or things I can focus on to offer Reiki too at this time. Thank you.’ And then sprinkle it into your life little by little.

When you take the time, and spread out the Reiki love, you open up space for noticing. You start to notice what it feels like in your hands, in your body, what thoughts come up, and you notice how Reiki is impacting the very thing you are asking it to flow too!

The noticing is were so much of the excitement is born. The noticing is what lights the fire within- to keep working with Reiki.

This is a special time! A time you will often reflect back to, so another recommendation is to journal, and journal often. Some things you can include in your journal are: the date, what you sent reiki to, any ‘noticings’ within your body, a short description of the Reiki recipient. For eg. If your sending to a plant- is the plant healthy, are there brown or dead spots, how big is the plant etc. Even take a picture! You get the idea;)

If you're a planner- use a calendar, like the nifty one I have for you here;)

You could allocate 1 Reiki offering per day. For eg. Monday’s - Reiki your food. Tuesday’s - Reiki your plants. Wed. - Reiki your animals and on and on..

Have fun with Reiki! Do up little reiki experiments for yourself, and give yourself the time and space exploring reiki and how it works for you:)

XXX Reiki blessings,


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